A Place To Write

Gordon's Writing Desk

Having a place to write is a practical solution for meeting your writing goals.

While I enjoy writing on my laptop just about anywhere, it seemed like a good idea to find a spot in the house where I could sit down and write consistently. Thank you to my wife for suggesting the desk I eventually purchased. It's ideal and looks good in our home.

After about an hour of assembly with a tiny allen key, my new desk was stood firmly in its new cove. For flare, I added a Superman mug to hold pens, then our google home mini, so I could listen to music while I write.

Consistent Focus

There is plenty of light, enough space to work, even a view. I feel like I can get more done. All by creating a proper work space. When I sit down in my new office I'm more focused.  Notepads are where I can find them, pens are handy, and my research is all organized. It's a comforting feeling. It's like I'm encapsulated in a personal bubble, one that let's me escape to a place where the images in my mind are swirling. Then, I write down what I think, or make story notes, for later follow up.

Happy Writing

Having a place to write works well for me. I recommend creating a special place where you can enjoy your time writing your stories. It's all worth it in the end.