A Personal Popcorn Post - How's That For Alliteration?

I've decided to share something personal with my readers, even on my writing blog.

This is how to make the best stove top popcorn that you can make right at home.  I've been making stove top popcorn for decades.  I absolutely love popcorn. Who doesn't? If you are a movie buff, you NEED popcorn.

My History of Movie Theatre Popcorn

My sister bought me a popcorn popper for Christmas when I was twenty-three years old. She thoughtfully made it possible for me to make my very own movie theatre style popcorn. What a good sister!

Going to the movie theatre is always fun, but for me, it's mostly about the popcorn, (seriously) even though they overprice it. (it's still worth it)

I learned to make the best popcorn you ever had. Using special coconut oil (it's orange, and thick like ice cream), gourmet seeds, (important) and theatre spice , for true movie theatre popcorn flavour. It was amazing! Just like you bought at the movie theatre - a long time ago anyway - it's not as good anymore. (they don't even use real butter)

My popcorn pot finally wore out, so I continued making popcorn regularly on the stove, with oil then topping with butter for flavour. However, it just wasn't the same. Something was missing...

Then, after searching on the Internet for a stove top popcorn recipe, I happened across this: (it's excellent btw)

Best Stove Top Popcorn Recipe