Well, I have been writing, a little.  I am up to 1531 words now on my manuscript.  The reason I am posting this is so that I can look back when I am finished to feel the accomplishment of actually writing a novel.  I have also set a goal to be consistent with blog posts every few days during the process.  Kind of like a diary to reconstruct how everything all came together.  It will be fun to look back to see what I was thinking, feeling and writing at the time.

“Elaine” is the name of my main character.  I’m slowly getting to know her. She is a good person, a little shy and inexperienced, but she can do what it takes to get the job done come crunch time. At first, I thought that I would make my main male character the protagonist, but later decided that making a really good female character would be more interesting.  It will be an experience to write this novel for sure, but even more of a journey to develop my main character into a believable woman. When I feel that she is authentic then I know that I have made all those words count.