A Writer Needs A Place To Write

Well, I have solved the issue of where I will write consistently. Normally, I write anywhere I can I find a spot. That usually means the dining room table. I have a new place. I'm adding a desk to a nook above the stairs to make a rather small office. It has a large second story window to look out. It truly is the perfect place for me.

I will be able to write consistently and feel like I am in a workplace. Writing still feels fun, so it's not really work. Certainly a lot of effort, but it's enjoyable. Writing a manuscript is literally a ton of work. You should see my notes and list of things to do!

News About the Genre

The premise for my story is sound and stable, it hasn't changed. One thing that did change is that my manuscript isn't going to be a Science Fiction book anymore. It's going to be a Fantasy novel. Some of the aspects of the story make it fit neatly into the Fantasy genre. Although I wear a lab coat, and consider myself scientific to some extent, I won't be getting into any science in this book. Therefore, it won't be a true Science Fiction story. Harry Potter is a Fantasy story. So, Fantasy is good, right?

Crafting the Outline

Putting parts of the story together means that they all have to logically fit together. It's the author's job to do the puzzle. Although it sounds easy, it isn't.

I'm writing, but without knowing how sections are going to merge together is difficult for me. I am a Big Picture kind of guy. Knowing all the details is important to me.  A strong outline gives me confidence.

Character Names are Almost Done

My characters all have names. Yay! Some still don't have last names but I'm not worrying about it anymore. I'm still working on the backstory for each character. A couple of them are quite deep now and really interesting. The part about creating the characters is by far the most fun. Although, I seem to really enjoy editing for some reason, even though I am not supposed to be doing it until the first draft is complete. Apparently, you're supposed to write the first draft, THEN edit. I'm still trying to get used to that idea.

The writing blog is good for me because I can just write then edit, edit, edit until I feel good about a post. Also, it keeps me writing.