This past weekend I finished reading a book about learning how to write better. It showed me what not to do in certain situations. The characters that I made were created without any flaws. The problem is that they are almost perfect. I mean, it’s okay to make your protagonist polite, but she was going to be good the entire book. Nobody in real life is that perfect. She needed to have some flaws or make a mistake somewhere.

So, after some research, I discovered that there are twelve primary character archetypes. All have a set of recognizable behaviours. I can still make my characters unique but now they will be well defined. It really helped me to understand that because I am still working the outline almost every day. Knowing my character’s behaviours will help guide me better. As a result I’m excited about making my protagonist a better character.

This blog is about me going through the process of writing a novel. You will see me run into problems and you will also see me solve them. A little knowledge helps.