Over the last few days I have had many new ideas for my manuscript.  Whenever I go for a walk or just before I fall asleep, I start to think about the characters in my story.  All that imagination leads to new additions to the outline for the novel.  One idea has even prompted me to create an entirely new scene that will replace the current opening chapter.

Write it Down

I have discovered that it’s best to write these new ideas down as soon as possible.  If I don’t, I risk losing those little gems that have made their way into my conscious mind.  An opportunity for my story to grow is lost.  As a result, I now have a collection of little pieces of paper with notes on them.  I have been finding them in my jacket pockets, my sock drawer and even my nightstand.  I would say that it is wise to keep a pen and paper handy at all times.  I downloaded an app for my phone to record ideas and make a digital note.  Anything to kick start your memory to get those ideas down into words for your story is worth saving.  I think that when someone can put that kind of attention on something it is reasonable to expect results.