My name has reached number one in the search results for the search term "Gordon W. Miller". Consistently, for a couple of weeks now, I actually rank on the largest search engine in the world.

I am really happy about that.

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the effort of constructing a website, creating good content pages and important links, in hopes that the search engines will find you. My website has been submitted to the search engines. That means a robot will crawl your site and document it in the search results. The first time I appeared in the results, I ranked number twenty-two. My website was about half way down the 4th page. I was excited back then too.

I kept optimizing for a reason. You want to be on the first page so people can find you. When my book is published, I want people to find gordonwmiller.ca. If someone wants to find me, I want them to find me! It's that simple.

It's a Slow Process

Ranking high doesn't happen overnight. I'm starting about a year and a half early with the website because it takes time. Solid search engine ranking takes patience. Gradually you climb up the rankings by building your website up from its base.

My manuscript is 7 percent complete right now. The first draft is to be completed by June 14th, 2020. I have a long journey ahead. Once I am finished the manuscript, I will start editing. Editing takes time too.

In the meantime, my website will be firmly established near the top of the search results pages. All by doing the work early, blogging once a week, and sharing useful information.

There is more about optimization and getting to number one that I could write about. This is a writing blog so I won't get into the fine details. But constantly tweaking a website, adding links, and monitoring results is exciting. Drop me a line if you have questions about it.

Random Search Traffic

With a positive grip on high SERPs, (Search Engine Results Pages) others can find my website and search for content that I create.

Maybe they plan to write a blog? Start a website? Write a novel? Or maybe just make really good stove top popcorn? The people who happen across my website, can read my blog and get to know me. I'll make contacts, possibly friends and maybe connect with people who have the desire to read my book!  When I read a well written blog and learn about someone, I'm usually keen to read their book.

In short, my website is where I want it to be, and I will continue to tweak it as things change. Please give me feedback about the colours. I struggle with colours.