My manuscript is going very well this month so I am pretty happy about that.  So far, I have written just under one thousand words. I put over two thousand words in an out file. Clearly, I write much better when I know the direction I'm going.  Being prepared has always helped give me confidence.


Making an outline is hard work. In some ways I feel boxed in but it really stimulates me to have something to go on. Any changes to the outline can always be made to match what I have written as long as the ending still makes sense.  I still need to do some work though. I need to generate ideas for the middle of the book. Maybe some secrets. Apparently the middle is the most difficult part to write. On a cheery note there will be some good things that will come out of the story I have so far. More romance than I anticipated. In fact, romance will be a major subplot. That's good right?


Each day I take time to research certain things that need better understanding. I am currently developing a list for certain medical procedural steps and medical knowledge that I don't want to get wrong. Even though I see these done at least once a week, I'm not a doctor so I need to know the reasons why certain things are done in trauma situations. But, I already secured a doctor friend who is more than happy to answer my questions.  I will acknowledge him in my book.