Currently, my manuscript is about two thousand words long.  When I sit down to write, I visualize what my characters are doing in the story. They are having real conversations with each other, in my head, as I write. The visual images just keep coming to me one after the other.  When you find something you love to do time seems to fly by.  For me it's real. I love writing.

Does any one else listen to music while they write?  Lately, I have been listening to instrumental music while I write for inspiration. Sometimes I play movie soundtracks or relaxing spa music. I seem to write more intense situations for my characters too. I think it even changes my mood as I compose the sentences. As a result, it affects the way my characters interact with each other on the page. My mind is fully immersed in what I am doing with the addition of music.  I find it to be an incredibly relaxing experience.

It's 2.4% of the Goal

Two thousand words is a milestone for me. It's only 2.4 % of my manuscript goal, but it's a start. Each month, I will continue to build on my story, and before you know it I'll have a full manuscript ready for editing. That's when I can rip into it and fix everything, cut stuff, and polish the writing.  I can hardly wait for that.